Sunday, January 13, 2013

Arriving Home...

We had a wonderful time in New York and were ready to head for home. Arriving at the airport three hours plus before our flight of six hours to LA and then a two hour layover before embarking on a fifteen hour final leg to Sydney was daunting!

It was great to land and be back on Australian soil.

Garry's nephew Nigel who works at Sydney airport was on site with his trusty camera to take the great shots of our Qantas flight landing. Thanks Nigel!

My dear friend Kerry was waiting for us and drove us and our large amount of luggage home. Kerry had thoughtfully been into our place and cleaned and shopped for us in preparation for our arrival. It is times like this when I am truly grateful for having such a good and considerate friend.

To say it was a shock to be home was an understatement. The humidity, heat and strong scent of the ocean were soooo different from New York City. I went for a walk down to the Fish Coop to buy some prawns for dinner. I stopped to take a photograph of the Harbour for you Susan - its good to be home. I had forgotten just how lovely Wollongong is!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful beach and clear water.
    A great pic,too Jo.
    You all look great in your homecoming photo!
    Enjoy your next couple of weeks off before returning to school.
    Cold here now, but the days already are getting longer.
    Keep posting.