Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2 - Our Road Trip to Moab....

We were very excited about the prospect of another five day long weekend - this time for the Thanksgiving Holiday! We were lucky enough to have been invited to spend this holiday with many but could not resist on last road trip.

Our original plan in the summer was to start by visiting the town of Moab and stay in Arches National Park. we quickly changed this plan due to the extreme heat this year and have been saving this trip for another time. Time that we are sadly lacking with roughly on month remaining in Colorado.

We were packed and excited and ready for adventure. We left right on time - 6am, yes for anyone who knows us this was a record - but Susan had arrived and was keen for us to maintain the schedule. We met with other friends; Rod and Anita for breakfast a few hours later in the town of Frisco.

The final drive into Moab was breathtaking due to more of the best scenery Utah has to offer!

Due to our early start we made great time and arrived at Arches National Park camping ground with a couple of hours before dark - plenty of time to set up a great camp. Susan sprang into action and started to crush ice for our Margarita's while we set up our camp.

The campsite was in the most wonderful spot - named Devil's Garden! We all agreed this was our favourite camping site in the US. Garry and I were overwhelmed by the magnificent views, while Yasemin and Max spent hours destroying their clothing as they climbed and slid down the massive rock formations - always on the lookout for rattlesnakes!

The weather was great during the day but as soon as the sun set temperatures dropped to below zero. Our camp fire was a wonderful way to keep warm.

It felt like I was a character in a children's storybook - surrounded by these giant illuminated shapes.

As the night grew darker the amazing night sky changed to reveal hundreds of stars in the unpolluted sky. I had read that Moab was famous for star gazing but was still super impressed with the clarity and beauty. We spent many hours gazing and debating the location of constellations and planets.

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