Sunday, December 30, 2012

Picasso and The Guggenheim....

I have wanted to visit the Guggenheim for such a long time and today I was able to combine this amazing gallery and Picasso! Wow!!! Snow was on the ground and it was freezing outside - thankfully we were arriving early in the day and were able to walk in without lining up outside.

I was excited about the Picasso Exhibition and the Kids were excited with the family bag which included a scavenger hunt for artworks, jigsaw puzzle and individual sketchbooks and pencils - on loan for free!

Feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of Frank Loyd Wrights architecture we began our climb. I really didn't know where to look first.

The view from the ground floor up was simply beautiful.

Picasso's exhibition was titled, "Black and White". Yasemin quickly selected a painting she liked and both kids sat down and began to complete their own drawings. Yasemin created a beautiful sketch of the painting in front of her while Max worked o his own memory drawings of The Empire State Building.

The view from the top looking down was superb.

We wandered admiring both the artworks and architecture.

As we drifted into early afternoon the gallery was super crowded, and it was time to exit. Outside it was freezing - I can't remember Denver ever being this cold.

We walked across the road to Central Park, but realised it was way to cold to walk and explore so we headed for the warmth of a restaurant for a late lunch.

Re-fuelled and slightly more energetic we explored Times Square again and soaked at some of the atmosphere before heading for home. Max has been intrigued with the Statue of Liberty since we saw her on Christmas Day and I couldn't resist a photo.

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  1. You guys are having a great time!
    Happy New Year!
    New York is colder due to the humidity.
    Denver is dry.