Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Part 1....

Americans really know how to celebrate holidays! So we are expecting nothing less than Ben Hur for Thanksgiving. In fact, even though Thanksgiving is not until next weekend - celebrations have already began in many places.

At both of my schools last week Thanksgiving fever was in full swing. At McKinley-Thatcher Elementary the Turkey Trot took place. A Turkey Trot? 

This event is where students and staff donate tins of food and even a Turkey or two. All of this food is then delivered to a local church and bundles of food are boxed up for needy families. The fundraiser culminates in the Trot, where staff and students run laps around the school track. Many students and staff purchase t-shirts to help raise additional funds and all staff are encouraged to wear their Turkey hats! I didn't mind wearing my Turkey hat at Elementary School because the little kids get such a kick out of seeing their teachers be a little bit silly - I don't think this would go down so well at High School.

Monica is our new PE Teacher and was the Turkey Trot grand poo bah and as such had the privilege of wearing the special Turkey hat.

I had a great time in the classroom last week with the ECE, (the four year old, pre-school students). They made their own Turkey Hats, which they wore with pride on the big day.

While the bigger kids enjoyed creating Turkey's from coloured paper to hang on the front door at home so that everyone who visits their home knows that they are thankful.

Because this was all happening last Wednesday, (the day I work at both Schools) I raced away so that I could celebrate the Thanksgiving lunch with Max at Lincoln Elementary. I was both amazed and impressed at the beautiful decorations in the cafeteria and the food! We were treated with Turkey, baked vegetables, stuffing, various types of gravy, freshly baked dinner rolls and a delicious pumpkin pie for dessert. Not bad considering that the cafeteria staff managed to feed an additional five hundred family and community members for lunch as well as the students. Jamie Oliver would have been most impressed!

It was a pleasure to share Thanksgiving lunch with Max and his friends Skylar, My My, (yes I did spell that correctly) Ahn and Max's wonderful kindergarten teacher Ms Blossom.

A great day was had by all - and still over a week to Thanks giving.

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