Saturday, November 10, 2012

Four Distinct Seasons...

When people ask me what it is that I really love about living in the US, I have to answer that experiencing four distinct seasons is one of my favorite things. The trees in the front were currently a beautiful shade of red.

Max and Yasemin had hours of fun raking up the leaves in the front yard, creating a huge pile. They would then jump in the pile and throw the leaves all about only to begin again. It was great to see them having some good old fashioned fun.

We were enjoying the wonderful fall colors, watching them change daily, when a few weeks ago we had our first real snowfall - even though it was only a dusting of snow by Colorado standards. Excitement levels were at an all time high as we woke to see our street dusted with fresh snow. The beauty created still takes my breath away.

As the kids were racing to put on any warm clothes they could find, my first thought was about the beautiful red leaves being ruined. The leaves looked somewhat magical covered in snow and ice.

Max was happy to be outside, even at 7am and could think of nothing better than to kick his rugby ball around in the snow. (Pop you must be proud!)

Yasemin was not to be outdone and happily played with her soccer ball.

The house looked like it was from a storybook, complete with Halloween decorations. We are desperately waiting for a really good dump so we can begin the snowman building competition we have been talking about for months. Come on snow - we are ready!

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