Saturday, November 10, 2012

Farewell Little Sisters...

Yasemin has been lucky enough to have played soccer in a great team called the Little Sisters. They are a wonderful group of girls who love the game of soccer. Together they have trained three nights a week, with professional coaches and competed against other teams on Saturday mornings. With this kind of gruelling schedule, it is no wonder the American women took home the gold medal in soccer at this years Olympic games.

It has been a joy to watch these girls improve throughout the year and see Yasemin develop to hold her own.  Yasemin actually scored two goals in her last game. I am sometimes shocked at the exceptional skills these little girls have already developed.

Yasemin has made some wonderful friendships and hopes to continue to communicate with the girls from Australia. Last night, we attended a farewell party with the Little Sisters.

Beloved coach Mike - one of the teams three coaches presented the Girls with new training shirts.

Coach Mike is a wonderful coach and he has been very supportive of Yasemin, she is really going to miss him and the team.

Good bye Little Sisters - thanks for a great year and for making us part of your family!

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