Monday, November 12, 2012

Denver Botanic Gardens...

Today was a public holiday, and we are all starting to feel better, after having had various cases of the flu and sinus during the previous week.

The exciting news was that Max lost his first tooth. Garry was shocked to arrive at school last Monday, only to find Max sitting on the rug in his classroom crying because he had literally lost his first tooth. All was forgiven with a brief note to the tooth fairy - she still left some money under his pillow!

Yasemin's world has also been exciting. She received the great news that she was the winner of the t-shirt design competition for her schools 2012-2013 school t-shirt, sweat shirt, water bottle etc competition. We are very proud of her and her design is great.

With only six weeks remaining in Denver we have started to pack and arrange to ship some purchases back home. This has taken some time and today being a holiday we had a break and visited the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Garry and I enjoyed the Bamboo sculptures, while Yasemin and Max were fixated with the frozen ice on the ponds.

In places the frozen ice created beautiful designs.

This was a lovely end to a very busy week. Only 6 weeks left - I'm in denial and want to pretend that we can stay for ever............

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