Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Four More Years... Go Obama, Go!

If you are interested in politics then this is a great year to be in the US - election year! We have been reading, watching, listening and discussing all things political since our arrival last December. We have many friends who share our political ideals and alas a number of friends who don't. We have enjoyed many red wine infused evenings, discussing political parties this year with much vigor.

The election is only 13 days away and the three political debates are now over. Colorado is now becoming a very important state in the election and some even say that whoever wins Colorado will win the election!

Before we left for the US, Garry and I both agreed that to attend a rally with President Obama would be a fantastic experience. Today this hope became a reality!

The weather was bitterly cold as snow is expected tonight, and we lined up for hours with thousands of other supporters. It was fun to watch some of the interesting characters in the crowd as we waited.

After passing through the security checks we entered the park and joined the thousands of people who were already waiting.

It was an exciting atmosphere! We danced to a DJ playing dance song covers as we waited for Obama, who is racing through nine swing states in a no-sleep 38-hour stretch. Finally the great man arrived to enormous cheers and the chant of four more years from the massive crowd. I was standing about twenty people back from the barricade and could see Obama clearly at times - but photography was difficult. Everybody had a camera of some sort and often I just held my camera above my head and hoped for the best!

After his speech, I was able to move very close to the front of the barricades and was able to get some great shots Obama shaking hands with the crowd. Even though I couldn't actually see him at this time, I knew where he was because of the media who followed his every move, again I stood on tippy toes, held my camera as high as I could and hoped for the best.

Besides Denver, he will hit Iowa and Nevada on today in hopes of swaying those few, but critical, undecided voters in important swing states.

"We've gone through three debates, months of campaigning, way too many TV ads," Obama said to a crowd of about 16,000. "When you choose president, you don't know what's going to come up ... Trust matters."

The president then shifted into an attack on opponent GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, saying his plan is what "led to the Great Recession.""He's hoping that you, too, will likely come down with a case of what we like to call 'Romnesia,' " he said.

This is the 11th time the president has come to Colorado in 2012 and he suggested today he might return again before the election.

Go Obama, Go!


  1. Johanna, It has been a delight to follow your time in the US of A. Fabulous post. Thanks for sharing this day with our president.

  2. Thanks Rich - you would have really enjoyed the event!