Monday, September 17, 2012

Frida Kahlo Heaven....

We woke on our first day excited and ready for adventure. We headed down to a wonderful breakfast in the hotel restaurant. It was great to discover that the Mexico City Marathon was in progress, immediately out the front of our hotel.

We wandered up the main drag, enjoying the atmosphere of the big race. We were headed for the metro   and train ride to Coyoacan. On our walk we passed some interesting paintings on buildings and great graffiti.

We had a quick detour to look in the Cathedral just across from the Metro. Mass was on and the church was surrounded by markets selling all kinds of religious artifacts you could imagine. It certainly was Catholic heaven.

It was really nice to travel without the kids for a change. I appreciated having the freedom to change plans at a moments notice and enjoy the offerings of the city without any ramifications. After the church detour we found the Metro and purchased a 40c ticket for our travel. The station reminded me a little of town hall, until the train arrived. It was more like rush hour in Tokyo trying to board the train, but as we passed some stops the train emptied out and we were actually able to sit.

We arrived at Coyoacan station and headed for Frida's House. We enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning walk through the streets and arrived at the Blue House. We were about to enter Frida Kahlo heaven - "Long Live Life!"

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