Thursday, August 2, 2012

Walking in the Footsteps of Ansel Adams...

We left beautiful Mammoth Lakes and entered the amazing Yosemite National Park. We had been told that bookings for campsites were available months ago and sold out in a matter of minutes. We were also told that this time of year is the peak and that we would not find a camping site inside the park.

Who says never? The camping fairy was on our side and we managed to snag a site in our preferred campground called Crane Flat which is a half hours drive to Yosemite Valley. We couldn't believe our luck!

Beautiful camp sites that come with strict instructions regarding Bear Lockers and food storage - you are even required to sign a contract that acknowledges that you understand the rules. We actually watched the Rangers issuing substantial fines to other campers who were not following the rules while we were putting the tent up.

The nights were really cool - lots of tall trees and stars.....

On day two in Yosemite we managed to secure another camp site - we actually purchased it from another family who were leaving early. The only hitch was that we had to pack up and move our tent. After getting organized we headed to the Valley where I was booked into a Photography Course that was about Walking in Ansel Adams Footsteps. Woo hoo - 4 hours without children to listen, learn and just take photographs. (Thank you Garry)

The course involved loads of information regarding the life of Ansel which was great. We then walked around from scene to scene looking at wonderful images Ansel photographed and then having an opportunity to photograph the same scene.

Ansel Adams image of Half Dome

It was great to have the opportunity to photograph the same scene, given the different season.

Ansel Adams image of Bridalveil Falls

I really enjoy Ansel Adams image of Bridalveil Falls. Technically this is not a great image - blacks to black and overblown highlights. But what a dramatic image! Unfortunately this is one of the driest years in Yosemite - and the falls are suffering. The difference in the volume of water is dramatic.

It was great to focus on black and white photography for a change. Yosemite was a dream!


  1. Jo, I have enjoyed your posting of your travels in the western US. Fantastic pictures on this post!

  2. The picture of the tree/night sky is amazing!

  3. Thanks Rich and Annie - I am having a wonderful time with my camera. It's lovely to get such nice feedback!