Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Ultimate Chicken Coop...

We enjoyed the drive along the Californian coastline on our way to Ed and Merry's house.

We stoped along the road and saw a large group of Sea Lions basking in the sun. The beaches are very different from home, no golden sand just grey sand and rocks. The weather was cool and we didn't see anyone swimming.

We arrived and were greeted warmly by Ed who immediately gave the kids a tour of the most amazing Chicken Coup I have ever seen. It reminded me of a Balinese Temple, and was even equipped with yellow eyes that lit up at night and a balcony.

Yas and Max were completely over excited by the Chickens. Ed was wonderful with the kids and showed them where and how to collect eggs - which they did and then took them to the wash room where Max very carefully washed and dried each egg.

After a chat with Ed and a tour of his lovely home filled with beautiful artworks, we jumped back into the car and followed Ed to another place on his property he refers to as Camp!

Camp consists of two lovely cabins fully equipped with bunks and even a fire. The area where you can prepare food was great, and include the best stocked cupboard I have come across. Even taps with running water were on hand...

The shower was a real treat - it is a lovely experience to shower outside.

Camp was a lovely place to be - Ed had all bases covered and we were certainly enjoying the beautiful property and wonderful facilities. Yas and Max found the swing, and spent hours playing.

We spent a great night together as a family around the fire pit listening to Yas tell ghost stories.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Joe
    it's Luna from school i miss you so much and wanted to tell you that we are going to be in san francisco to we are leaving August 22 and are getting back the 26 i hope your trip to Mexico was good
    xoxo, Luna