Sunday, August 19, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

A huge thank you to our dear friend Susan who organized free tickets for us to attend our first baseball game in Denver. (Thanks also to John and Nancy who arranged the tickets from the Rockies!) We had fantastic seats, a few rows back behind third base.

I can tick another box from the bucket list - a visit to Coors Field in Denver was a must.

The only downside to this experience was the almost unbearable heatwave - 106 degrees at 6pm was difficult to take, (41 degrees in centigrade)!

Maxie tried his best to catch a fly ball - even with his glove on the wrong hand.

Even with the heat, we still had a fantastic time cheering the Rockies home to victory.

We really enjoyed the night as a family and have vowed to go to at least one more game. Go Rockies!

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