Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sam's Dad's House ....

On day two at Sam's Dad's we had a really slow start. We all enjoyed a lovely breakfast of freshly laid eggs, collected the previous day by the children.We sat around the fire pit, enjoying, lovely fresh food in such a beautiful place. 

After breakfast we met up with Sam's Dad Ed - who kindly took us on a tour of his beautiful property. Ed is a retired Forester and is extremely knowledgeable about his land and surroundings.

Max especially enjoyed hunting for Frog's

During our tour, Ed introduced us to Huckleberries. These small berries are delicious.

Max didn't enjoy them as much as everyone else.

I do believe Ed lives in an exquisite part of the world.

After a quick trip down to the California Coast we returned to join Ed and Merry for a great evening of dinner, wine and conversation in their beautiful home.

The Koi pond is my favorite part of the house. At the end of the night we said our goodbyes - we had all bonded and again I felt close to Sam and Annie. This is the really strange part of a teaching exchange - we live in their home, sleep in their bed and holiday with their family - yet we have never met. But I feel like we know Sam and Annie so well?

Thank you Ed and Merry for your generosity and company. Our stay with you will be a wonderful memory.

P.S.  Ed - your art print will be in the mail - please not to the Chicken shed!

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