Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pier 39...

We did enjoy the unique city of San Francisco - in particular our trip down to Pier 39 on the waterfront. Although very touristy, we did enjoy the sights.

I really liked the Image Arts poster shop. It was filled with loads of posters including many interesting posters featuring Cable Cars in San Fransisco.

We did the touristy thing and Garry and I both had Clam Chowder for lunch. Their were shops selling all kinds of seafood - I was daydreaming about cooking crabs in garlic butter - mmmmm! Wouldn't you like to cook these crabs up for dinner Dad?

Max particularly enjoyed the Sea Lions sleeping in the sun on the next Pier.

We wandered around exploring the waterfront with Alcatraz constantly in our views. Unfortunately, we didn't get to visit the famous jail as you needed to have booked tickets almost three weeks in advance. I will have to make do with watching a movie or documentary.

We walked the streets and admired some of the lovely homes, near the waterfront.

Definitely the highlight of the day was our cable car ride home. The ride up and down the streets, hanging from the side of the cable car was sooo much fun.

The following day we had the pleasure of driving across the famous Golden Gate Bridge as we left the city heading for our next destination - a visit with our exchanges father - Ed on his property in the Californian Redwoods.

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