Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zion to Beatty....

We were headed for Mammoth Lakes - Bear country! Unfortunately the drive was to long to complete in one day so we decided to stop for the night in a little town called Beatty in Nevada. Beatty was a vey small town with a population of roughly one thousand people. The average wage is only $24,991 per year and ladies if you are looking for a man than Beatty is the place to be with men significantly outnumbering women.

We decided to give the Desert Inn a miss and opted for a room at Motel 6. This was very basic and with Denny's inside the casino or Subway the only food options in town we new this would be a quick stop. Even the internet didn't work well in Beatty.

The next morning we drove out of town eager for a quick trip across Death Valley. We passed many interesting sites - including many advertised services for the men passing through.

Driving through Death Valley was really beautiful with more amazing landscapes. One of the best parts of this road trip is driving the road less travelled and seeing little towns and interesting sites along the way.

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