Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waking with Elk...

We had just woken and were sitting next to our tent when we spotted our first Elk. Poor Yasemin was still sleeping and missed out, but she would have many more opportunities throughout the day.

We spent our time touring the park and in the afternoon we saw a family of Deer and an enormous male Elk.

We met people from many different countries and had some great conversations. Excluding the heat which is almost unbearable, this was a really great day.


  1. Jo,
    Your pics are unreal! I especially like the one with Max and the elk.BE careful!
    Your pic of the Canyon and Monument Valley are tres professional.
    Hi to the gang.

  2. Thanks Susan - we are having a ball! Max was further away from the Elk than it looks in the picture. Wish you were here. xxxx

  3. Love all the elk pics, and the Grand Canyon is always gorgeous. I'm so glad you are seeing such wonderful places in the States! Let me know if you'll be out in northern California and would like to stay at my father-in-law's property in the redwoods.