Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm going on a Bear Hunt...

I was going to be really disappointed if I did not see a bear. So not being a morning person, I decided to brave the elements, (in the mornings it actually was close to zero degrees) and get up at 5.30 am in the  hope of a sighting of the infamous Knucklehead - the naughty baby bear that frequents the campsite.

I woke and with my trusty camera went for a walk around the campground. After a ten minute walk in bare feet and no longer able to fell my toes I guessed I wasn't going to be successful. I returned to our tent and you would never believe who was their - Knucklehead - right outside our tent!

As I approached Knucklehead decided it was time to move on, I gamely followed him, (from a safe distance Susan). What a cute little, but I'm sure unpredictable little Brown Bear.

Bears were not the only animals we shared our campsite with. We were all in love with the cute little Chipmunks that bounced around daily.

Later in the day we went for a drive up to Horseshoe Lake. This used to be an extremely popular campsite but no is a very eerie and desolate place. A fault caused by a quake has created a space in the east for large amounts of Carbon Dioxide to escape. The CO2 has killed the soil and all trees and is unsafe for humans. It was strangely beautiful and made for some great photographs.

Back at the campground Garry and the kids helped create a warming fire, while I organized our red. I liked the camper van on the label and felt it was appropriate.

I had some fun fooling with images at Sunset. Mammoth Lakes was a really beautiful place to stay!

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  1. Gosh your pics are truly beautiful, especially the black and white.
    Yes, where there is a bear cub, mom is not far behind and much larger.
    Keep the candy out of the tent!
    Bought you and Garry Get your ass up the pass t shirts. The burro race is tomorrow in Fairplay.