Sunday, July 8, 2012

Durango to Monument Valley...

Day three involved a rest day - about time. We endured a huge thunder storm in our new tent and got organized for the drive into the desert. We woke on day five with a sick Yasemin, a very expensive $245 visit to the doctor for antibiotics followed and we said farewell to Lightening Creek Camp Ground.

We were headed for Monument valley, the Navajo Indian Reservation made famous by John Wayne. The weather started to heat up as we started driving and the landscape stated to become very dramatic. We stopped to take the following photo just before we crossed the border from Colorado into Utah.

We were captivated by the desert landscape and when we entered the reservation the ground and rocks changed to an intense red. This is truly a beautiful part of the world.

We arrived at the famous Goulding's Lodge - and continued onto the Campground further up the hill. The view was spectacular!

After setting up the tent in the red dirt, we were exhausted from the heat. I was looking forward to a red wine and enjoying the view watching the sun set. Not to be though as we did not come prepared and were expecting to buy alcohol. Bad luck for us as their is a full alcohol ban on the reservation - you can drink if you bring it with you, but their is nowhere to buy any. Bummer!

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