Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arriving at South Rim...

We were not lucky enough to have a booking for a site in the Grand Canyon National Park. We knew that their were a small number of sites available on a first arrival basis. We were up very early, fed, packed and on our way before nine thirty in the morning.

It was our lucky day, and we arrived in time to secure the last site for the next two days. Garry was a very happy man as he wanted to camp inside the National Park. Max and I left Garry and Yasemin  to put the tent up and we went in search of supplies.

It was really hot. Did I remember to say how hot it was? The park ranger reported that temperatures were between 43 - 45 degrees  in the sun.

Yasemin and Max were intrigued with the mother and baby bird in the tree next to our tent. We were hoping  for views other wildlife including Deer and Elk but did not want to see any rattlesnakes.

Before dinner we went for a drive and stopped at some of the lookout points. Wow again!

Thankfully as the sun set, the breeze picked up and the temperature dropped a little. We were exhausted but enjoyed a nice meal and a good glass of red.


  1. We are moving to Denver in 2013 from Australia on teaching exchange and I was wondering if I could contact you? Great blog too!

    1. No worries Jen, you can get my email from the NSW Teachers Exchange ladies. I would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. get excited - you are going to have a brilliant year!!!!

  2. Thanks Johanna...I have sent an email to your DET address and your personal address.