Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aunty Nic has arrived.....

Max and I were very excited to be on our way to the airport to collect Nic, Lachlan and baby Lara. Yasemin was waiting at home and was working hard on creating a welcome message on the front path. It was great to see all was well when they arrived, I really take my hat off to my sister - she travelled for thirty hours to arrive in Gaylord street with a thirteen month old and a five year old, which is no mean feat!

After a much needed rest everyone woke ready for action. The boys could not be separated and their joy at being together was wonderful to watch.

I could not believe how much my beautiful niece, Lara, has grown over the past six months. She is a ball of energy and never stops eating. Travelling with four small children to Disney Land and Vegas is going to be an interesting challenge. Let the much awaited adventure begin...

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