Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Googie in Denver......

First, I hear you ask, what pray tell is a Googie?

A Googie is a Modern architectural style characterised by space-age graphics, widely angled lines and fanciful motifs.

A Googie is what I thought of back in Australia, when I envisaged an old fashioned diner or thought of the television program Happy Days.

The main drag into the city, only a few blocks from where we live is a lively street called Colfax Avenue. Everything and anything goes down on Colfax!  Colfax is also littered with these buildings and signs, with folded eaves, sleek diagonals, long steel supports, glowing neon and mixed in somehow a martini glass, or cartoon character - or both.

In the peak of big auto in America, many people drove for pleasure, stopping when an establishment caught their eye. Colfax Avenue is a street where Googie was used extensively as a marketing tool to draw in customers. 

The sign is not an error, but apparently has been like this for maore than thirty years.

Denver is a city which has a distinctive look, as their are still many neon signs that are remnants of Googie, unlike so many other American cities. I have found myself pulling over many a time - to get a closer look. The Googie is a fantastic theme for a photographic essay...........

Since 1957, an enormous cowboy has helped hungry folks find this diner.


  1. I like Las Delicias - it's rare to find a restaurant that offers Chicharrones.

    About Pete's - the food isn't great, but we love it. The breakfast burritos are huge. I like to put their green chile on toast.

  2. Hey Jo, down visiting mum and dad for a week and she told me about your blog! WOW can not believe how big and beautiful the kids are, the trip your on looks amazing and photos are capturing great memories for you. Looks like a great place to be exploring! Look forward to reading more, stay safe and have fun xoxoxoxox