Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Roadtrip to Yellowstone - Part 1....

We left on our massive road trip to Yellowstone, immediately after school on Thursday afternoon – a massive 750 miles drive ahead of us. Our aim was to drive a four hour estimated drive to the town of Rawlins in Wyoming and stay overnight. We started well, missing most of the afternoon traffic in Denver and well on track.
We were warned by friends to be well prepared for the journey, with plenty of blankets, food and water in the car in case of unexpected storms with high winds and snow. The high winds and wild weather are famous in Wyoming, as the countryside is wide open with no protection.
About 200 miles into our drive we found out exactly why we were warned. The winds were excessive, not only blowing the car but also blowing snow both across our path and making visibility poor. Just to spice things up the roads were also covered in ice. The worst was driving through the Medicine Bow National Park.  Our trusty Subi performed well under the frightful conditions, in a temperature of minus 15 not taking into account the wind chill factor. We drove past no less than six semi -trailer accidents in the short space of ten miles.

Our estimated four hour journey, developed into a five and a three quarter hour challenge. We were so glad to finally at the Ferris Mansion Bed and Breakfast.  Garry and I carried sleeping children to their beds in the maid’s room. Their room was very close to our room – the Rose room. The three storey mansion was warm and inviting with soft beds and lots of pillows.

In the morning we woke and appreciated the beautiful guesthouse. We were served a fantastic breakfast consisting of homemade granola, fresh fruit, egg and bacon casserole and the house specialty – caramel apple French toast. Along with fresh orange juice, tea and coffee it was a great way to start the day. The kids enjoyed playing with Flapjack the cat and later the two dogs outside. We set off on a very cold and icy morning with a 480 mile drive through wild Wyoming ahead.

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