Saturday, February 4, 2012

A blizzard equals a day off work !

We have been treated  to our first major snow storm - which meant the city basically shut down and all staff and students were told to stay indoors! A massive dump of snow and a day at home - I so love Denver!

The warnings came Thursday evening, before it even started to snow, but when we woke on Friday morning it was indeed a magical scene and the snow was still falling. These photographs were taken at 7.30 am on Friday morning.

Garry made me pose for this bad, bad photo

just a few doors down

Gaylord Street

 We spent most of the day indoors, but the kids did play outside for a while. Max wanted to lie in the snow and make snow angels, but gave up because it was so cold.

Yas didn't mind and crawled on her hands and knees, pretending to be a dog, lapping at the snow.

In the early afternoon we ventured out, across the road to London and Pat's home for dinner. The snow kept coming and now the road had disappeared. No point in any snow plows working until the snow stops falling.

We were joined by another couple and their children - we all had a great night and enjoyed lots of food and red wine. We especially enjoyed London's corn bread and her wonderful stew.

This was a great end to a really fun day, but poor Maxy fell asleep on the lounge - with all the kids still racing around. We left late in the evening, all firm friends excited about repeating the experience. At 11.00 pm the snow was still heavy and we struggled across the road carrying sleeping and cold children. Did I happen to mention that I really love Denver!

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