Sunday, January 8, 2012

I wanna be a cowboy......

Today we ventured out to enjoy some country culture - a visit to the National Western Stock Show.

We arrived to find loads of parking options - the close car park was offering spaces for $25. We decided to give this a miss and instead were persuaded by a ten year old Mexican boy to follow him down an alley way and park in his yard for only $10? We were dubious, and ignoring Garry's warnings we gamely followed. We were directed to park in a space by a group of Mexican children and adults to park and I handed over our $10. We were assured all would be good.

The show was very interesting, and we bumped into a famous outlaw and his girl.....

The kids really enjoyed the petting zoo....

But my personal favourite was definitely the cowboy boot stall - I could not believe the vast array of multi coloured boots in all shapes and sizes. Garry left me to look with a very strict warning not to buy anything, ( more on my inevitable purchase to follow)

Garry was quite taken with the monster food selections, so we decided to fatten up our prize lambs.

A good day was had by all - tantrum free - amazing. We will be returning one night this week to watch one of the rodeo events. I was interested to see if our car was still intact in our special parking location.

The car was fine, however I decided it was not wise to look to closely at the maroon car in front of Garry and Yas in the alley, which was full of people waiting and had the number plates spay painted black? Today was another great adventure.


  1. LOVE the western old-timey picture! You guys need to do one all as a family. And that's so funny about the parking situation...welcome to the neighborhood! :)

  2. Would love to see pics of the purchase???? However, if you listened to Garry and resisted, you can rest easy as we found this awesome boot store in Tumut on the weekend which was selling very similar styles! I had to drag Sienna and Tilly out of the store as they had little girls sizes too!!!!