Friday, January 13, 2012

A day at Lincoln Elementary School...

Lincoln Elementary School is one of the schools I work at. I teach here 2 and a 1/2 days each week and over a fortnight I teach the entire school of 13 classes ranging from prekindergarten to grade 5. The class sizes are very different to Australia, they range from 34 students down to a more manageable 18.

Lincoln is a fantastic school which is ranked in the top 5 DPS schools in Denver - this is a very good result that the school is very proud of. The really interesting thing about this school is that it is made up of both Traditional classes and Montessori classes.

The first lesson of the day with 33 4 and 5 year olds

Teaching here is very different from OFHS in Oak Flats. The real difference I have noticed is student engagement. Here, all of the students are engaged and eager to start whatever it is you ask them to do - this is most likely an age related issue, but it makes a big difference to walk into a classroom filled with excited students every lesson.

The school day is also longer than I am used to, all teachers are expected to be at school by 8.00am even though classes don't start until 8.55am. School finishes at 3.40pm and staff are expected to be on the grounds until 4.00pm. One week I teach 7, 40 minute lessons and the alternate week I teach 6, 40 minute periods and take playground supervision. Playground supervision is also different because all classes have staggered lunches, due to seating requirements in the cafeteria. So their are three playground shifts for students and two for staff. Their is only one large break per day for staff and students. Not having the whole school on break at the same time makes the playground much more manageable for all.

I was very warmly welcomed to this school with flowers from the principal and staff, along with many cards and gifts and even hand made soap from one student. This school is a happy place to be.

All the children think that having the same name as Clifford the Big Red Dog is really cool!

Today is also a very special day in Denver - Tebow  Day or Denver Bronco's Day. The mayor of the city encouraged all residents to wear orange as a sign of support for the big football match tomorrow night. Tebow fever is everywhere here at the moment. If you aren't aware Tebow is a player who proudly promotes his love of God and gets down on bended knee during games etc. All over Denver it is now popular to do the Tebow. Do you do the Tebow is the question everyone is asking!  Go Denver Broncos smash those New England Patriots!!!

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  1. Interesting you mention Tim Tebow, Jo. Channel 7 News ran a story about him on tonight's 6pm bulletin and SMH wrote an article about him today. "If you haven't heard of Tim Tebow by now, don't fret, you will. He is coming to a screen near you, be it a small or big one."

    This is another example of an obvious 'communication' difference between here and USA. Our News is like a bowl of fruit salad, not just berries.